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Motley Crue

Below is a list of the artists that have appeared on C.C. Rock:

Bad Company / B.O.C / Billy Squier / Def Leppard / Dio /Deep Purple /Dokken / Dream Theater / Great White / Iron Maiden / Judas Priest / Kiss/ Megadeth / Motley Crue / Night Ranger/ Poison / Queensryche / Reo Speedwagon / Saxon / Scorpions / Styx / Tesla / Yes


July 2001
The show includes an interview with Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma between shows. Songs include Stairway to the Stars, E.T.I., Burnin For You and Harvester of Eyes.


September 2000
The show includes a great interview with Joe Elliot as well as live songs "Stagefright" and "Rock Rock".


May 1998

The show includes an in-depth interview with Ronnie James Dio Footage includes rare live video clips from Black Sabbathßs Heaven and Hell Tour and Dio Sacred Heart Tour.

March 2000
A great interview with Ronnie and Craig Goldie at the Maritime Hall in S.F. Songs include "Lord Of The Last Day", "Fever Dreams", "All the Fools Sailed Away", and more.



December 1998
Metal Matt Interview Don Dokken, Mick Brown, Jeff Pilson and new guitarist Reb Beach from the Edge in Palo Alto

October 1999
Interviews with Don, Jeff, Mick and Reb

August 2000
Taped at the Sacramento Valley Amphitheater, Dokken rocks with live footage plus video from their new "Live From The Sun" live video . Metal Matt interviews Don Dokken.


October 2002
This month C.C. Rock goes deep, real deep for the deepest of purple, Deep Purple. Metal Matt interviews guitar god Steve Morse and bass extraordinaire Roger Glover from the Chronicle Pavilion. Live footage includes "Woman from Tokyo" and "Ted The Mechanic", and other live footage from the bands show with the London Symphony and the new 2002 video release, Perihelion taped in Florida.


September 2000
Taped at the Maritime Hall in San Francisco, on Dream Theaters, "Scenes From A Memory Tour" the show include an interview with James LaBrie. Live songs include "Another Day", Strange Deja Vu", "The Spirit Carries On" and more.



Taped at the Edge in Palo Alto, this is the last professional video taping of Mark Kendall on guitar. Interview includes Jack Russell, with songs of "Face The Day", "The Angel Song", "Rollin Stoned", "Save Your Love", "Mr. Bones" and "Rock Me".




September 2000
Interview with Adrian Smith and Dave Murray back stage at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Redwood City, Ca. Dave Live songs include "The Wicker Man" and "Ghost of The Navigate". Also includes "The Wicker Man" music video.


November 2000
Taped at the Oakland Coliseum, the show include partial parts of "Detroit Rock City" and "Firehouse". It also includes clips of older videos and "Shout It Out" taped at Detroitßs Tiger Stadium.


July 2000
Taped at the Chronicle Pavilion during Motley Crue's Maximum Rock Tour Metal Matt catches up with Dave Ellfson and new Guitarist Al Pitrelli. Live songs include " Symphony of Destruction", "Trust", "Sweating Bullets".


August 1999
Taped on the Maximum Rock Tour at the Chronicle Pavilion, Metal Matt interviews Bassist Nikki Sixx and new drummer Randy Castillo. Songs include Shout at the Devil, Girls Girls Girls, Name of Rock and Looks That Kill.

June 2000
A very enlightening interview with Nikki Sixx concerning napster and Mettalicaßs Lars Urlich. Live songs include "Kick Start My Heart" and "Primal Scream".



Sept 1999
Interviews with Terrible Ted Nugent, Brad Gillis, Jack Blades of Night Ranger and James Young of Styx. Partial songs from all bands included.


July 2000
A fun interview with Rikki Rockett right before he went on stage at the Sacramento Valley Amphitheater. Live songs include "Look What The Cat Dragged In", "I Want Action", "Momma Donßt Dance", "Something To Believe In".


November 1999
Geoff Tate and Kelly Gray talk about Q2K and Operation Mindcrime. Songs include "Silent Lucidity", "Empire", "Falling Down", "Liquid Sky", "I Donßt Believe In Love", "Jet City Woman", and "Eyes of a Stranger"



March 1998
The inaugural and some think best edition of C.C. Rock to date, featuring Saxon. Interview footage with Biff Byford, Doug Scarrat and Nibbs Carter from the now defunct Edge in Palo Alto. Live footage includes Princess of The Night, Circle of Light, Motorcycle Man, Power and Glory and The Thin Red Line. The show also includes the debut of "Unleash The Beast", shot on towering Mt. Diablo in Walnut Creek California, produced and directed by Metal Matt.

August 1999
Metal Matt interviews Rudolf Schenker and drummer James Kottak Songs include "Bad Boys Running Wild", "Loving You Sunday Morning" and "Mysterious".
September 2000
The Bone's Billy Steel interviews James Kottak Live songs includes "Rock You Like A Hurricane", "Here In My Heart", "Still Loving You" and "Big City Nights"



Sept 1999
Interviews with Terrible Ted Nugent, Brad Gillis, Jack Blades of Night Ranger and James Young of Styx. Partial songs from all bands included.


June 2001
Show includes boneheads, interview with Teslaßs Jeff Keith and Brian Wheat and special guest Jason Giambi from the Oakland Aßs. Songs include Comin Atcha Live, Hang Tough, Gettin Better, and The Way It Is.


June 2000
Taped at the Chronicle Pavilion during Yes Master Works Tour, Metal Matt sits down with Allen White and keyboardist Igor Korshev for a fun interview concerning the band and set list for this major tour. Songs include Closer to the edge and starhip trooper.

August 2002
Yes preforms at Konocti Harbor Resort . The interview includes bassist Chris Squire and Drummer Alan White as they discuss the return of keyboardist Rick Wakeman to the fold. Songs include Siberian Khatru, America and In The Presence of from Magnification. Their are also clips from the new symphonic dvd/video released this year. .